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We at Karmyog also send these products made by these girls to all metropolitan cities for exhibitions and sale. These products are of excellent quality and the revenue generated from their sale is shared among these needy girls.
Vocational Training :
Karmyog imparts vocational training to rehabilitate girls in the mainstream. They receive training in :
• Embroidery   • Tailoring  • Knitting  • Designing  • Paper work  • Art / Painting
Once the training program started, it was a pleasant surprise to find so much of hidden talent among the young and aspiring girls. They may be less fortunate but with proper guidance, they proved themselves beyond expectations.
Karmyog also sends selected girls to various vocational training centers to receive training in various professional trades. Their handcrafted work is sold through exhibitions and gift shops in the entire country which further encourages and motivates them.
Other Services :
Karmyog realised the importance of recreation in the lives of these children and organise picnics and excursions visits from time to time.
Lives, which in all possibility could have been destroyed for want of funds, education and above all affection and love, can now be seen with smiles like a blossoming flower.
We move forward to lend our helping hands to the rejected / dejected street children and motivate them to rejuvenate their lives by imparting education and vocational training to them.