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About Us

The Karmyog Trust in Kolkata is the endeavour of two sisters - Urmila Pasari and Shobha Kanoi - who have set their hearts on enhancing the world of lesser privileged women and children through education, vocational training and giving them reasons to Dream BIG. We are completely focused on working to earn to support the education, inspiring other NGOs and making the under privileged children self sufficient.
In 1994, Urmila and Shobha, introduced vocational training for the senior girls at a child care home, who had to leave the safety of the home on turning 18 years old. Being orphans, they found it difficult to fend for themselves in the fierce world. The sisters felt the need to make these girls self reliant and thus they began to empower them by providing vocational training on paper crafts and also made the raw materials available to them, to enable them to make beautiful paper products.
It was in 1998 when the organisation "Karmyog" came in existence and since then there At Karmyog's workshop, women (who had to leave the care home) are actively engaged in transforming brilliant-hued handmade paper into exclusive gift bags, boxes, money envelopes, diaries, stationery, greeting cards, gift tags etc.
In 15 years of our social endeavor, Karmyog Trust has sponsored as many as 350 children. The Karmyog Trust has also fervently involved itself in primary education. At the Trust, profit from the sale of paper products is used to fund projects for primary and vocational educations.

Karmyog Project

An undertaking of Karmyog Trust, Karmyog Project provides text books, study materials, teachers' fees, primary section uniform and a daily meal to all their students. Upon completion of primary school education, the children are sent to higher classes in various schools, depending on their ability and interest. Karmyog Trust takes pride in funding the expense of their education and supply of text books and materials - depending on every child's need and financial limitations. Often mothers accompany their wards to school and overtime are interested to study too.